About the owner

Dr. Shah holds a PhD in Mathematics with published results in Monte Carlo and randomized quasi-Monte Carlo methods as well as mortgage financing. Dr. Shah has over 15 years of combined academic and industry experience. He has worked in retail banking, commercial real estate finance / structured finance, gaming and gambling, and education.

Currently hired full-time by one of his clients, Dr. Shah works as a Data Scientist in the social casino space where he provides analytics leadership in the development and maintenance of slot games and features. Dr. Shah has also worked in the regulated gaming and gambling space for an independent testing company serving as their Director of Mathematics. For clients, Dr. Shah has developed financial algorithms for valuing illiquid assets, created data visualization and analytics reporting templates, analyzed the underlying mathematical models for real-money casino games, and provided career mentoring.

In addition to his quantitative and leadership abilities, Dr. Shah has active knowledge of several modern programming languages, including C++, Python, Visual Basic, and SQL.