Quantitative Solutions

We take a very applied view to problem-solving — we know when textbook theory works and when it doesn't. With our broad and deep mathematical and quantitative-programming expertise we can help to tighten your existing models or build the appropriate analysis tools catered to your technical specifications.

Data Analysis

Making sense of gigabytes or terabytes of data can be daunting. How do you parse it? How do you analyze it?

Making sense of a small amount of data is just as much of a challenge. Do you have enough data? How representative is it? How strong are the statistical conclusions? Can they be trusted?


We are experts in Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods. We know when 1000 simulations will do and when 1,000,000,000 simulations are necessary based on the precision you want. We'll not only provide a detailed report explaining the mathematics, but we'll also develop the accompanying software.


Your software development team has found a programmatic solution to your technical problem. Except, it will take one thousand years to complete. We'll work with your team and review the underlying technical model and suggest improvements or alternatives. We can prototype a solution for your team to integrate into your software.

Reporting Tools

If your administrative staff are spending hours or days manually generating reports, then contact us. We can help to reduce this time to minutes instead of hours or days. The benefits are immediate: you will have staff that can focus on content rather than endless mouse-clicking and copying and pasting. The information you see is current, allowing you to make adjustments today for today's needs. Your report can be highly customized so that you can look at the metrics that make sense to you.