Technical Education

Efficient people make business efficient. As your business grows, your staff takes on new and modern responsibilities. Are they as efficient as they used to be? Are they fluent with the current versions of spreadsheet and word processing software? Do they understand the technical nuances involved in their role?

We also have education and training programs for individuals and academic institutions.

We focus on the following areas:

  • Spreadsheet and word processing training
  • Presentation and public speaking training
  • Mathematics (practically all subjects and all levels)
  • Programming (primarily in C++, Python, VBA, and Java)

Spreadsheet training

It is all too likely that the periodic reports about project statuses and the like are generated through some form of spreadsheet program. Is your business losing precious hours because of time spent on report generation? Are repetitive tasks being done manually (e.g., formatting rows and columns, several rounds of "copy-paste", etc.)? If so, let us help to train your staff and develop more efficient solutions. We offer three levels of training.

Spreadsheets Level 1 \(\ \)Level 2 \(\ \)Level 3 \(\ \)
editing and saving \(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
basic formatting \(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
basic functions \(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
basic formulas \(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
working with multiple tabs \(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
data visualization \(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
complex cell referencing\(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
data validation \(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
pivot tables\(\varnothing\)\(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)
macros, buttons, forms, etc \(\varnothing\)\(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)
math and statistics functions \(\varnothing\)\(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)
Visual Basic for Applications \(\varnothing\)\(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)
report generation \(\varnothing\)\(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)

Word processor training

Much in the same philosophy of spreadsheet training, our word processing training program will aim to cut down on manual formatting and reformatting of documents. This will give your internal and external documents a consistent feel without having to manually adjust that margin, or change the point size. We offer three levels of training.

Word Processing Level 1 \(\ \)Level 2 \(\ \)Level 3 \(\ \)
editing and saving\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
margins and layout\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
embedding graphics\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
tracking changes\(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
headers and styles\(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
embedding spreadsheets\(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)\(\checkmark\)
technical documents\(\varnothing\)\(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)
macros and programming\(\varnothing\)\(\varnothing\)\(\checkmark\)

Public Speaking

Your experienced staff members are expected to interface with clients and bring in new business. That responsibility requires a high degree of comfort with public speaking. We'll do more than just give pointers on how to present, we'll act as a sounding board, help with preparations, listen to mock presentations, critique presentation style for content and visual aesthetics, etc.

Mathematics & Programming

We can provide full academic length training courses in practically all areas of mathematics and for all levels. For businesses that are interested in "targeted" technical training rather than a full academic treatment, we can customize the material to better suit your or business' interests. We have individualized programs for those who want to add to their general knowledge or for those who are looking to add another set of skills.